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Election Campaign Management

Digital media campaigns can be very effective and powerful. It allows us to get visitors/traffic in less time. Our team has experience in election/media campaigning and can help you pursue political supremacy. They are experts in creating your image as a public leader, and the team will make your profile on a weekly/monthly basis as a campaign strategy. Through digital media, you can show yourself better than others in public. And at election time, by raising significant constituency issues, they can also benefit from the crowd with digital media campaigns.


Critical Aspects of Digital Media Campaign


Profile Creation

The first thing that our team focuses on is creating social & digital media profiles to make sure that you're visible online to your target audience. We also handle all your profiles and regularly post relevant content & posts to help you establish your image among your potential voters.

Better Engagement

With the help of digital media, we run your election campaigns based on the demographics of the targetted audience, be it their profession, age, location or gender. It will significantly reduce the budget & time required for the election campaigns. You can then utilise that budget and time in other activities for your offline election campaigns.

Video film medium

Video films have proved to be an effective tool in elections these days. In this process, our content & design team creates unique WhatsApp campaigns and YouTube videos (related to your campaigns) to enhance your election campaign's online reach.

Daily Events & News Updates

We fully understand the importance of a social media timeline, so our team focuses on creating top-quality content for your social media profiles, be it posters, reels, or infographics. It will help your targeted audience to stay connected with your and your electoral campaign.

Our Digital Media campaign Features

We are committed to making digital media campaigns a success for every client. Here are a few features that we offer to our clients.

Website Development

Today, almost all political leaders want to create a website for their election campaigns. Our web designing team creates a uniquely designed website for our clients based on their requirements. Since the website reflects your identity on the internet, we include your election manifesto, lifestyle, and election videos on your website.

Bulk SMS Advertise

It is an excellent way to make good contact with your target audience in & around your area. Our team creates outstanding bulk SMS campaigns to help you send appropriate messages to your target audience and expand your reach in a short period.

Voice Call (OBD)

We offer top-quality voice call services tailored to our client's requirements. Trycyfer is highly committed to ensuring that our client's voices are heard in the right places and by the right audience.

Social Media Ads

Advertising through social media platforms (Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and LinkedIn) is one of the best ways to target a specific group of people with tailored ad content based on our client's target audience.

WhatsApp Message Campaign

Today, most digital experts are moving towards WhatsApp marketing since these campaigns offer high conversion rates. Our experts use cost-effective messaging campaigns on WhatsApp to efficiently deliver your electoral campaign's idealogy.

Update Voter About Daily News

One of the key elements for running a successful digital media election campaign is transparency between electoral candidates and their voters. Our team reaches out to clients for daily electoral news and then publicises that information on social media platforms to keep potential voters in the loop about what's happening.

Voters Feedback Management

Our content team creates an election campaign feedback survey and sends the form to our client's target audience. It is done to understand the likes & dislikes of the clients regarding the digital media election campaigns. We then modify and improve our campaigns based on the feedback we get from the voters.